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Sow the Seeds of Open Source Success

Welcome to Leadingbit Solutions – where Open Source technology blooms like a thriving garden. We help nonprofits, governments, and academia cultivate digital autonomy by providing a complete Open Source platform



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Services to Help Your Open Source Projects Flourish

Discover our range of services, including Open Source Consulting, Workshops and Codeathons, Customizations, Platform Guidance, and Program Management, designed to support your organization’s Open Source initiatives.

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Open Source Consulting

Our team is excited to help you with documentation, community creation, evangelism, and Open Source marketing. We can help with a broad range of tasks from training to advisory board creation.

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Workshops and Codeathons

Host and participate in Doc Madness, Codeathons, Bug-o-Ramas, and Designathons to nurture your Open Source projects.

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Customization and Integration

Our team will support your needs with unique integrations, features, and new apps tailored to your organization's requirements.

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Platform Guidance

Starting up or migrating to an Open Source solution? Receive expert guidance on documentation, security evaluations, CI/CD pipelines, audits, and migrations.

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Product and Program Management

We oversee the entire growth process, ensuring your projects flourish. We prepare you to manage the risks and changes that come in every project, be it open or commercial; Innersource, Agile or waterfall.

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Fractional Executive Roles

CTO, CEO, Executive Director or non-profit Treasurer? We can aid your organization in achieving its goals, offering exceptional insight, strategy and management on an ongoing basis.


Why Choose Leadingbit Solutions

We are dedicated to helping organizations cultivate success in their Open Source ecosystems. Our experienced team of Open Source enthusiasts, combined with our commitment to digital autonomy and sustainability, make us the ideal partner for nonprofits, governments, and academic institutions. We offer expert guidance, customized solutions, and ongoing support to help your Open Source projects flourish. Empower your organization with the tools and knowledge you need to thrive.

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Collaborate And Grow With Like-Minded Open Source Enthusiasts

We are grateful to be working with many amazing groups that support Open Source. CHAOSS, BigBlueButton, GitLab, Mattermost, Nextcloud, Ubuntu, and InnerSource Commons are some of these incredible groups.

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