Privacy Changes for January 2024

Private image by Thomas Dewey Unsplash

Photo by Thomas Dewey on Unsplash

Leadingbit Solutions deeply values the privacy of personal information. When we see changes to laws in different jurisdictions or change our privacy statement, we want to make sure that we highlight these updates to those who visit our sites.

We carefully monitor new privacy legislation. Most recently, Utah’s Consumer Privacy Act went into effect at the end of December. This law protects the following rights of the citizens of the State of Utah: 

  • to confirm whether a controller is processing the consumer’s personal data; and access the consumer’s personal data.
  • to delete the consumer’s personal data
  • to obtain a copy of the consumer’s personal data in a format that:
    • to the extent technically feasible, is portable
    • to the extent practicable, is readily usable; and
    • allows the consumer to transmit the data to another controller without impediment, where the processing is carried out by automated means.
  • to opt out of the processing of the consumer’s personal data for purposes of targeted advertising; or the sale of personal data.

We continue to uphold these rights, and others, for all of the people who visit our site.  You can see a full list of your rights and choices in the section of the same name in our privacy statement. 

In addition, we added a couple of things to our privacy statement. 

One was a simple addition to clarify that outside of the circumstances specifically listed in the How We Disclose Your Personal Data section, we do not share, sell or disclose your data.  

The other change was a bit more involved.  Our team was fortunate to visit many different places in 2023 and we were granted many opportunities to capture memories of these experiences through pictures and videos.  As we shared these through different social media venues, we realized that we need to take care in creating and choosing the images that we share.  We have crafted some language to address how we document experiences and share images.  We strive to gather images only of those who have agreed to have their image captured, but recognize that given the active nature of the events we attend and the public nature of the locales in which these events often take place, we may capture those who did not wish to have their image shared. Should this occur, we will work with you to remove or replace any such images.

We endeavor to protect privacy. We believe it is a crucial way to ensure human dignity, safety and self-determination.

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